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Welcome to Faber Flags Asia

The Faber Group was founded in 1933 in Holland and is currently represented in Holland, Belgium, England, Germany, France, Poland, Thailand, Mexico and Chile. The Group generated sales of more than EUR 35 million in 2015.
In Asia, Faber Flags Asia is a part of Faber Group N.V., a leading supplier of Eco-Friendly and High Quality Printed Flags & Banners.  Faber’s products are characterized by higher weather resistance, better color fastness, and having the longest lifetime of all comparable products available in the market.
In 2008 Faber Flags Group has set up a production company in Samut Prakan – Thailand, to further diversify the production base and to better cover the growing market for quality printed products in Asia.  Large size automated screen printing machines – the largest installed in South East Asia – and digital screen engraving (DLE) units were moved from Europe to the Thai plant to produce the high quality printed products to be re-exported back to Europe
In 2010 Faber Flags Asia Co., Ltd. was established as the marketing and sales unit, with the purpose of introducing the high quality Faber Group products into the market in Thailand and ASEAN. Our product range stretches from country flags, and advertising flags to corporate logo flags, “Aventos” beach flags, parasols, fence.
Environments / Marketing Sustainability
As part of its business ethos, Faber Flags Asia maintains a commitment to environmental sustainability throughout its manufacturing processes. First and foremost, we offer our customers non-PVC and eco-friendly advertising flags and banners. We only print on polyester fabrics, which are 100% recyclable into bottles, carpets, construction materials or other fabrics.
• Faber Flags only employs water-soluble (not solvent based) dyes that are free of heavy metals.
• Our water usage is minimized by a high degree of recycling, and waste water is always treated before being discharged.
• Our process steam and hot water is produced using LPG or natural gas, the cleanest of all fossil fuels.
• Fabric waste is sorted and re-used or recycled.
Where the environment is a concern, Faber Flags’ eco-premium advertising flags and banners are a sustainable choice. We are fully committed to offering the eco-friendliest product solutions, balancing concerns for the natural environment with product quality and customer satisfaction.